Bashpole Software, Inc., founded in 2006, is a sole-source justified contractor with a primary performance history with the Department of Defense through the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program. We are headquartered in Indiana and have offices in 3 countries. We serve local, state, and federal governments, the US Military, for-profit businesses, and non-profit clients across the globe.

Having performed six contracts through DARPA, Bashpole Software is experienced at taking advanced, technical ideas and launching them into needed software applications. We have expertise in big data, data mining, data appending, machine learning, deep learning, distributed searching, cloud computing, image processing, face identification/tracking/recognition, identity resolution, human intelligence, systems integration, predictive analysis, anti-human trafficking software, communication technologies, and offer scientific approaches to advertising solutions.

The Bashpole team is made up of a group of individuals with diverse qualifications. Professional educational disciplines include Computer Science, Biometrics, Web Design and Development, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, Cognitive Science, Literature, Marketing, and Business. The team’s diverse qualifications and combined experiences offer perspectives and contributions vital to success and proves an advanced level of team and industry competency.

Bashpole partners with businesses, non-profits, and government entities on projects for state or federal contracts and grants complimentary to our teams’ skillsets and current business service offerings.