Google Ads Account Manager

Full or Part-time position
Remote position / work from home
US Applicants Only; company headquartered in Indiana


Are you a certified Google Ads expert looking for a meaningful career? How about a career that helps non-profits grow and do good work around the country and the world?

Bashpole seeks account managers to onboard new customers, set up their accounts, write ad campaigns, improve ads over time, prepare reports, hold meetings to renew existing customers’ contracts, and provide customer support. Bashpole is also in the process of creating first-of-its-kind software that will assist you in these tasks; in turn, you make sure the software is working correctly and provide creative input about how to improve its design.

Our primary customers are non-profits who are raise awareness about their organization, generating event sign-ups, asking for donations, inviting people to join newsletters, promoting events, and generally seeking advertising that includes conversion tracking.

  • Experience with Google Ads and SEM in general
  • Experience with Google Tag Manager and Google Marketing Platform
  • Experience using Google Analytics
  • Landing page creation and optimization abilities
  • Proven success utilizing Ads for fundraising, event promotions, or other campaign types requiring high conversion rates
  • Understanding of ROI and how to estimate it
  • Must have a home office environment conducive to productivity and experience working in a virtual office, including but not limited to a reliable high-speed Internet connection, a headset for conference calls, and a decent computer
  • Be willing and able to serve all constituencies without bias (including, without limitation, bias based on race, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, or national origin)
  • Experience managing ads through the Google Ad Grants program
  • Ability to read and edit HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Background in sales and customer support
  • Company Culture & Benefits
  • Telecommuting and flextime options
  • Encouraging and self-directed work environment
  • Ability to go to sleep each night knowing you make the world a better place
To Apply

Write to with your resume and short descriptions of your qualifications for each bullet under the Requirements and Preferred sections. Resumes sent without this information will not be considered.