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Technology nuggets

Big Data and Machine Learning – KESTREL

A Visualization & Analytics Engine (VAE) developed by Bashpole Software that uses big-data analysis and machine learning to provide insights into contact data. In the past Kestrel has been used to estimate number of contacts with incorrect and old data, and estimate the number of new email addresses, phone numbers and addresses available.

Distributed Searching Solution – HAWK

A distributed search solution that combines the NLP based data extraction with Elasticsearch, a Lucene based distributed search server, to provide fast real-time search capabilities.

Identity Resolution & Human Intelligence Engine – EAGLE

A software package for gathering intelligence by means of interpersonal contact.  The manner in which human information operations are conducted is dictated by both official protocol and the nature of the source of the information. Within the context of the U.S. military, most human information activity does not involve clandestine activities. Bashpole Software, Inc. can provide several kinds of information such as observations during travel or other events from travelers, refugees, escaped friendly POWs, etc. We can also provide data on things about which the subject has specific knowledge, which can be another human subject, or, in the case of defectors and spies, sensitive information to which they had access. Finally, we can provide information on interpersonal relationships and networks of interest.

Predictive Analysis – OSPREY

A delivery system that leverages predictive analytics software to provide accurate situational awareness for the warfighter, first responder, and intelligence analyst. OSPREY is currently being used to combat human trafficking and, in the past, has been used for intelligent marketing for non-profit organizations. There is significant life-saving potential for this system by anticipating events before they occur, mitigating their impact, and/or preventing a disaster from occurring.

Image Processing Engine – FALCON 

An IPE that utilizes deep learning to perform various forms of biometrics (face, ears, and scars/marks/tattoos) authentication. 



Cloud Computing

Bashpole Software, Inc. has gained extensive experience with different IaaS and PaaS solutions through work done for internal projects as well as for our clients. We have successfully implemented distributed solutions with ability to auto-scale. We have implemented Continuous Delivery pipelines allowing our software to be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal effort and zero-downtime.


Our databases include hundreds of millions of data sets on USA consumer data, USA business data, International consumer data, and International business data. We’ve also indexed large amounts of online ads and have an online ads index.


Sole-Source SBIR Program

Bashpole Software, Inc. is a sole-source justified contractor with a primary performance history with the Department of Defense (DoD) through the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program. Congress intends agencies and their Government-owned contractor-operated facilities to give preference to SBIR awardees, including sole-source awards. Sole-source justification enables all departments and agencies to award sole-source contracts to Bashpole Software by way of the SBIR Phase III contract mechanism, thereby bypassing the usual requirement to put projects out to bid. This greatly reduces the paperwork and time the DoD would normally need to begin work on a project. Bashpole Software and the DoD contracting officers can provide Government agencies with further information regarding FAR 6.302-5, 10 U.S.C. 2304(b)(2), 41 U.S.C. 253(b)(2), and how to proceed with this sole-source mechanism.

Download SBIR Background PDF


Current Contracts

Bashpole currently has two DARPA contracts that employ advanced data extraction technologies using NLP and analysis techniques to combat human trafficking. We have experience dealing with various types of document formats, and some of the proposed techniques for analyzing and parsing the documents are already being used in Updentity, a commercial identity resolution tool developed and sold by Bashpole Software.


Contract name:  Mashalator SSP2
Contract:  W31P4Q-15-C-0091


This effort expands on the previous effort’s data mashing technology development to enable it to handle scenarios that are simultaneously more complicated and more dependent on high accuracy. Presently, forums and social network sites are not able to identify human trafficking victims on their sites in an automated fashion. Worse, organized crime groups leverage the Internet and open forums to carry out human trafficking operations due to the lack of automated processes to identify their operations and their countless victims.  What is missing is a centralized technology stack capable of dealing with complex work flows and unstructured datasets from multiple foreign languages, which includes a flexible and sophisticated scraping system with API functionality. The scraping system must be capable of grabbing raw text data, specifically communication channels and OCR data from a variety of open sources, including the deep web, that are being used to facilitate human trafficking.


Bashpole Software is developing a unique software platform that scrapes open source data related to human trafficking.  The data is than correlated against NCMEC Missing kids Listings resulting in actionable intelligence packages.


Contract name: GISARO SSP2
Contract: W911NF-16-C-0025


When enemies gain human and financial resources, U.S. warfighters and peacekeepers become exposed to greatly increased danger when performing the Stability And Reconstruction Operations (SARO) that aim to reduce or prevent future attacks. A major source of income and human power is the existence of worldwide human trafficking networks.  It is estimated that the market for human trafficking is valued at $150 Billion annually. It is also estimated that there are more individuals in slavery today than there were at the height of the transatlantic slave trade. These individuals are used to make money and soldiers for their captors. The result is huge financial gains, whether by forcing victims into pornography, prostitution, labor, or fighting. In turn, these gains put enemies in ever more formidable positions.


Bashpole Software is developing a marketing and reporting software platform to spread information about the problems with Human Trafficking as well as enabling the end user to report potential Human Trafficking cases.


Planned Efforts

Bashpole Software, Inc is continuing Big Data Analytics; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Exploitation (ISR); Imagery and Visualization IMINT; Optical Character Recognition (OCR); and Language Technology.