Photo Tipline And Face Recognition Software

The 909-ALERT-US platform uses AI chatbots and facial recognition technology to help find missing or endangered individuals in the event of a disaster. The technology compares images provided through the photo tipline with those in a database of image and video files.

Manual search for missing and endangered individuals has been compared to ‘searching for a needle in a haystack’, but searching for that needle has been the only resource many agencies have had available.

Features and Benefits

  • In case of natural disaster use a photo tip line to send images of missing people to compare the images to a database for identification
  • In case of terrorism use a photo tip line to send images of missing people or suspects to a database to be identified
  • Access to data available on the web or web connected device, increasing search capabilities
  • Greater investigative throughput in a shorter period of time, resulting in more effective use of current resources
  • Response time increases due to quicker data processing and analysis results

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