Research Interviews of and Sales to Non-profit Directors

Remote / Work-from-Home & Help Good Causes Succeed

Contribute to the launch of an exciting new software product that will help nonprofits across the country get the word out about their good work with unprecedented ease and scale!

We’re seeking part-to-full time, remote salespersons to work on a commission basis. Initially, the sales will be for our services. In time, the job will change to focus on selling our upcoming software,

We have a uniquely pleasant approach to networking for leads that involves interviewing and genuinely listening to nonprofit leaders before giving them any kind of pitch.  We get to really understand their worlds and periodically create publications about the state of the art in the market.  At the end of the day, we contribute to changes for good on many levels.

What We Do & Why

Each year, the National Science Foundation (or NSF) Seed Fund program gives about $272 million dollars worth of research and development grants to universities and small businesses in order to spur the creation of new technology on themes as diverse as Artificial Intelligence and Advertising. And for full disclosure: of the couple dozen current themes, AI and Advertising happen to be particular interests of ours.

How the NSF works is that it waits for researchers and companies like ours to make the case to give grants to projects that have the greatest potential societal benefit. The grants could go toward the needs of for-profits, government, or whatever. Our position is that the more these grants can be directed to solve the problems that nonprofits face, the better. So, we 1) interview non-profit leaders, 2) report trends in needs to the NSF in the form of research funding proposals, 3) publish articles about our general findings to the public, and 4) for non-profit leaders who express interest in learning more about our technology and services we now offer as a result of our years of R&D in this space, offer follow-up informational meetings.

To Apply

Email with your resume, and let us know what causes speak to you.