Sales to Nonprofits of Advertising Services & Software

Part-Time Remote / Work-from-Home Position

Contribute to the launch of an exciting new software product that will help nonprofits across the country get the word out about their good work with unprecedented ease and scale!

We’re seeking a part-to-full time, remote salespersons to work on a commission basis. Initially, the sales will be for our services. By mid-2019, the job will change to focus on selling our upcoming software,

We have a uniquely pleasant approach to networking for leads that involves interviewing and genuinely listening to nonprofit leaders before giving them any kind of pitch.  We get to really understand their worlds and periodically create publications about the state of the art in the market.  At the end of the day, we contribute to changes for good on many levels.

To Apply

Email with your resume, and let us know what causes speak to you.