Season 1 of Human Resources Internship: Interviewing and Training In-house Staff

Remote / Work-from-Home Position: Unpaid Internship

Rather than the coffee-fetching and file-organizing of a typical internship, Bashpole Software, Inc. interns get hands-on experience in the nonprofit consulting sector by conducting one-on-one interviews of employee and intern candidates who apply to work at Bashpole, learning on-boarding processes, and contributing to Bashpole’s training processes. You can learn about all of the roles available at our company and directly contribute to our growth, as a we scale up to serve more and more charities that are our customers.

Note, per below, Bashpole Software can offer exceptional interns a rare opportunity for HR management experience, too. At most firms such opportunities are competitive and have long learning curves that are unavailable to interns. Your work through us can have a bigger impact than by volunteering for any single nonprofit, because of how many nonprofit organizations we benefit. Our interns’ work is used by real people in the real world. Bashpole Software, Inc. enables you to work in small teams of 3 to 5 interns with direct supervision and mentorship on a weekly basis from either the company’s CEO, senior staff members, or both. At Bashpole, we help the world make itself a better place.


This internship is the first of a three-part series of training for human resources that leads to definite positive impact for charities in the form of helping us recruit the people that provide services to nonprofits. For exceptional interns, future employment with Bashpole Software might be offered.

Bashpole takes intern candidates on a rolling basis throughout all 12 months of every year and last for one “season”. A season generally means one of summer, fall/winter, or winter/spring. It varies depending on the timeline (semesters/trimesters/quarters) your college follows. Internship start dates can occur at any time of the year. Full-time internships last for at least 3 to 4 months and requires 40 hours per week of commitment. Part-time internships may simultaneously with the intern taking a limited number of classes and last for 5 to 6 months with a commitment of about 20 hours per week.

  • Human Resources Internship Season 1: Interviewing and Training In-house Staff
  • Human Resources Internship Season 2: Process and Training Improvement
  • Human Resources Internship Season 3: Management of People and Services

Internship applicants MUST begin with Season 1 and be performing well by halfway through it in order to become eligible for applying for Season 2. Then, an intern must be doing well by halfway through Season 2 in order to be qualified to apply for Season 3. Seasons may be performed back-to-back or with time in between them.

Note: do not apply for more than one internship position at a time. Pick the one that interests you the most, apply for it, and then if you are invited for an interview, mention your interest in the other positions at that time.

A Unique and Valuable Experience:

You can learn our system for quickly assessing high caliber talent, our methodical processes for training, and our systems for monitoring work progress. You will be expected to speak up during meetings and offer suggestions for how we can improve our work environment.

  • We support creating opportunities for leadership. As an intern, you’ll be encouraged to lead projects and goals that suit your interests. This encouragement extends to potential management training.
  • You will work collaboratively in a team on a projects we will recommend based on your skills and interests.
  • In weekly team meetings, you will be guided by Bashpole employees who have from 10 to 20 years or more of relevant work experience.

Bashpole supports networking opportunities by helping you to learn how to effectively communicate with executives. Build lasting impressions and have direct interactions with staff members and fellow interns who reside around the United States and the world.

With approval from management, this internship also offers opportunities for you to add examples to your professional portfolio, which you can later use for future job applications. Moreover, if you want work study or school-credit for the internship, we can provide the kind of oversight your university would require.

Training Beyond the Core Subject:

There are a variety of corporate culture and communication soft skills that many organizations expect you to know but few universities or companies actually provide training for. So, we’ve developed something unique: our rules-of-thumb (RoT’s) training process. The RoT’s are the otherwise unwritten rules of professional etiquette straight from hard-learned experiences of industry professionals. We’re developing a book and a training system for expressly teaching this kind of advice to our employees, our interns, and eventually to others, as well.

  • This experience, and the valuable lessons you learn will be of use to you throughout your whole career. Much of this comes directly from our founder, with whom you’ll work often during the internship experience.
  • Bashpole’s company culture is a supportive, motivated, and collaborative environment for all levels of employment that isn’t based upon strict workplace hierarchies. With the projects you work on, and the people you regularly work with, you can establish a cooperative and productive relationship with anyone at any place on the corporate ladder. 
  • This isn’t a “busy work” internship. The work Bashpole does, and you’ll be contributing to, affects the nonprofit world and will result in real applicable experience. 

About Us:

Bashpole Software, Inc. has been in business since 2006 with the mission to develop technology to better the world. Our services include applied research and development, nonprofit marketing, sponsorship opportunities for businesses, and data services. Unlike with your classroom experiences, your work here will be with real people on real projects that we will put to real use in short order for our customers and partner organizations. This allows you to have a larger impact than if working with a single nonprofit or government organization alone.

Bashpole has been funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Initiative (DARPA), and the sales of services to nonprofits. For more information, please visit


  • Learn a methodology for interviewing work and internship candidates
  • Conduct interviews with candidates
  • Contribute to the improvement of our interview processes, documents, and publications
  • Learn how to bring on new team members, including but not limited to how to set up accounts and manage technology
  • Participate in a remote-work environment, learning how to manage a diverse and distributed team
  • Build a strong network with other interns and staff people while remaining socially distanced
  • Attend regular meetings to prevent isolation and facilitate collaboration

Preferred Skills to Have and Develop:

  • Dependable and responsible work ethic
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Schedule, conduct, and follow-up on interviews
  • Deepen a genuine interest in the nonprofit consulting sector
  • Work remotely in both a team and individually 
  • Connect with both your coworkers and interview subjects with a positive personality and sense of humor
  • Challenge your own assumptions and think creatively

Internship Parameters:

  • Be generally available for meetings during business hours – we have team and individual meetings every week via Google Meet and similar online conferencing software.
  • Have flexible daily start and stop times — aside from required weekly meetings, you can set your own schedule, and it will be your responsibility to follow your own routine.
  • For part-time internships (those taken concurrently with classes), work on average 2-4 hours a day or about 20 hours per week total. For full-time internships (generally during the summer or if you are not concurrently taking classes), work an average of 8 hours a day or 40 hours per week.
  • Bashpole expects interns to have a system to manage their individual schedules.
  • Internship begin and end dates are flexible according to your university’s calendar for classes.

Internship participation over multiple seasons is preferred.

Internship Benefits:

You’ll be given mentorship and work assignments directly from Bashpole’s executives, collect unbiased information, manage large numbers of parallel efforts efficiently using technology, think about best practices in corporate communications, identify HR opportunities, and grow your network of professional contacts. You will build professional rapport and acquire skills essential to developing companies, whatever the sector, but especially for the nonprofit sector and the technology sector.

Interns will partner with helpful, friendly teammates from many universities and a variety of backgrounds. Please read the Company Culture to see the experience past interns had with us. Your teammates are likely to have similar interests as these interns, and many of our interns have made lifelong networking connections. Interns will be given extensive and detailed training through Rules of Thumb (RoT) and other guidelines. Our training has many advantages online classroom and tutorials, which are impersonal and generic. In this internship, there will be special training in conducting interviews.

Bashpole Software, Inc. complies with all US Department of Labor Federal Internship Guidelines.

To Apply:

Email by submitting your resume and including short descriptions of your qualifications for each bullet under the Prefered Skills section in the Cover Letter. Resumes sent without this information will not be considered. You must be a student during the time of your internship and must not have permanently graduated.

Interns – whether interested in one or multiple internships – will require only one, one-hour first interview. Also, in some cases, a customized internship may be possible.