Software Applied Research & Development Internship | Nonprofit Communications

Full-time Remote / Work from Home Position

Consultants need not apply
Applicants within commute distance of Washington, D.C. preferred but not required

Bashpole Software, Inc. has been in business since 2006. Our services include database integration, communication technologies, nonprofit marketing, and sponsorship opportunities for businesses.  We are currently developing prototype software that will be the first of its kind in the field of nonprofit marketing.

Bashpole has been funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Initiative (DARPA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). For more information please visit and

The software engineering intern will work for a fast-growing area of the company in one of two project areas:
-working within a large code base
-specialized projects relating to machine learning & natural language processing

The intern will work as part of a small but hard-working team.  Since the work will be remote, the intern is expected to possess the following qualities and skills:
-Experience with Java and JavaScript
-Professional written and oral communicator
-Prompt and reliable
-Values-driven/desire to serve nonprofit clients
-Have a strong interest in the nonprofit world and a desire to support a cause and do good in the world.

Benefits include training, flexible hours, working from home, learning about R&D grant proposals, and opportunities to earn commissions or bonuses based on the release schedule we are able to achieve for the software prototypes.


To Apply

Email with your resume, and let us know what causes speak to you.