About Bashpole Software

Bashpole Software addresses the urgent issue of misinformation, supports nonprofits in accomplishing their advertising goals, and collaborates with the government research and development community for Artificial Intelligence Software.

Countering Misinformation

Misinformation (accidentally wrong information) or disinformation (intentionally inaccurate information), overwhelms the internet nowadays and makes it difficult for the public to make informed decisions. With a society that relies on their phones and computers to keep up with the world and their communities, there is a great need to bring clarity and honesty to the web, this is especially true for non-profit organizations that are trying to do good. Crime Stoppers USA, The Association for Fundraising Professionals, and other nonprofits work tirelessly to uphold and maintain accurate information about their establishments. Bashpole Software is committed to addressing the problem of misinformation and is working toward developing software that will write ads that counter unreliable intelligence and news.

Non-profit Work

Non-profit organizations are at an extreme disadvantage because of the outdated expectations of charities. As mentioned in the Ted Talk by Dan Pallotta, there are several reasons why nonprofits struggle in comparison to the for-profit sector, including the seemingly controversial ethics of salary incentivization and the financial pressure to forego spending on advertising and overhead costs. The latter is a significant reason why non-profit market share remains at a standstill. Additionally, nonprofits experience unreasonable scrutinization, which discourages entrepreneurial ventures, intensifies pressure to provide immediate proof of impact and results, and thus denigrates the need to raise capital.

With these arguments in mind, it becomes obvious that non-profit organizations need assistance, especially when it comes to their advertising and marketing approaches. Bashpole Software acknowledges these challenges that nonprofits must face, and in doing so offers consulting services to propose specific marketing advice and strategies. A division of Bashpole, Promoter Motor, is tasked with assisting nonprofits in obtaining membership in the Google Ad Grants program and creating ads that are Google Ads compliant.

Applied Research and Development Work

Currently, Bashpole Software is working on obtaining grants from government-based small business funding initiatives in partnership with the academic research and development community. The company’s goal is to come up with faster, smarter, more automatic solutions to combating misinformation and supporting non-profit advertisement objectives.