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Join an exciting team committed to creating and marketing bold new software! This is a rare and exciting opportunity to join a dynamic technology company and be a part of the company’s early success. Your drive and desire to succeed is just what Bashpole Software is looking for.

Why Bashpole? As a growing company, Bashpole takes pride in being attentive to its interns and employees. Ben Ashpole, the CEO, works directly with all interns to ensure every person’s voice is heard. The company also holds frequent “Rule of Thumb” meetings to encourage growth, teamwork, and camaraderie among all interns. At the very heart of Bashpole Software lies compassion; the company hopes to foster that in everything it does.

Personalities That Work Well Here: Bashpole Software seeks individuals who are interested in making the world a better place through the use and production of technology. Ideal candidates are self-disciplined and skillfully maintain a balance of independence and collaboration in order to work at their own pace and get the job done.

Points of Inspiration: our approaches to advertising, customer education, and measuring return-on-investment are a possible solution to what Dan Pallotta proposed about overhead versus the importance of scaling up for non-profits. Also, did you know that the theories of Universal Gravitation and Relativity were both invented by people who were working from home? We are creating the virtual workplace of the future along the lines of what the CEO of Automattic, a company worth more than $3B with over 1,400 employees who almost entirely work remotely, calls Level 5.

Equally Different: Bashpole Software prioritizes safe and inclusive space for everyone no matter where you’re from, how you identify, or who you love. We have a diverse culture that welcomes people from all over the world. If you share these values and also have great skills, enthusiasm, and passion for helping non-profits and countering misinformation, then you belong with us!

All nonprofits we serve are required to be compliant with Google’s non-discrimination policies, meaning that Bashpole works with a diverse set of nonprofits such as ones working on crime to mental health issues to combatting misinformation. Thus, Bashpole employees, interns, and consultants are expected to be non-discriminatory themselves and help us serve any nonprofit that fits the Google Ad Grant eligibility guidelines.

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“It was truly a pleasant journey interning at Bashpole this summer. I was able to work closely with my supervisor, my teammates from Business 2A, and some other amazing employees and interns from different teams. I have worked on various types of projects that allow me to stretch my understanding of not only analytics, but also some understanding of business, marketing, and communication. On top of working with current clients, I also got to meet many new prospects and hear their stories which are very inspiring and eye-opening. Learning about different nonprofit’s missions and values are something unique to this internship, and I was glad to be part of a team that offered help and advise to them. The experience at Bashpole extended beyond just finishing what was assigned to me; it allowed me to plan out projects and proceed with some creativity. The remote working environment also taught me to pace my work time and strengthened my time-management skill. At Bashpole, I gained skills that I know will benefit me throughout my career.” -Flora Lin, 2021, University of California, San Diego

“The experience of working in the business strategy team is very interesting. As interns, we are given freedom in expressing our ideas and actually working them out step by step. For example, our team has evaluated the ROI and SROI of nonprofits, created metrics, and quantified their social impacts with marketing funnels. We have also tracked conversions on Google Analytics and wrote case studies for summarizing their performances and continued social impacts. The people there are all very nice, and I am lucky to work with so many awesome people in my team.” -Yoyo Wang, 2021, University of Notre Dame

“Bashpole has not only provided an exceptional professional experience as a business intern, but also an invaluable company culture that is crucial for growth. I had the pleasure of working and collaborating with an extremely diverse team from all over the world, as well as the CEO himself in weekly meetings. As a business intern, I had the opportunity to interview directors and executives of several nonprofits across the nation, as well as participate in sales meetings and discussions from other departments. I had the opportunity to share and work on my own thoughts and ideas through discussion with Ben and other teammates. Bashpole fosters an encouraging and growth-oriented culture that is critical to any aspiring team member, new to the workforce or not.” -Remi Zheng, 2021, New York University

“I would recommend Bashpole to anyone in pursuing a business related degree, especially if they are looking to take initiative and gain leadership skills. Since Bashpole is in a growing phase, there are opportunities to take the lead on projects ranging from Sales strategy to Investment to more. My supervisor was accommodating and open to intern’s ideas and project proposals.” -Ian Wallace, 2021, Northwestern University

“I enjoyed my time with Bashpole tremendously as I was able to connect with people all over the world and enhance my data analysis skills. From on-boarding to off-boarding, the process and expectations were very clearly laid out with flexibility for us to individualize our work as well as improve it for future interns. I can not speak highly enough of Ben’s leadership and how much I gained from this internship experience.” -Molly Thomas, 2021, Colby College

“My internship at Bashpole has been a great journey. I worked with my team on a variety of projects that made the investment processes more transparent for nonprofits. I learned a lot about marketing by digging into Google Ads and Analytics, discussing concepts such as ROI and Social Impact, and creating case studies that are based on our analyses. The position allowed me to think creatively, take initiatives, and engage in conversations directly with clients, supervisors, and talk with anyone in the company. The culture at Bashpole encourages me to be bold in ideas and effective in actions, which has brought me huge personal growth. The people here are friendly and willing to connect, and I’ve established great relationships here.” -Tony Zhu, 2021, University of Chicago

“My time at Bashpole as an intern was one of extreme growth. I worked with a team on meaningful projects aimed at helping nonprofit organizations better understand their return on investment. The culture at Bashpole includes a large amount of collaboration and teamwork. It was a gratifying experience being able to work so closely with other interns and supervisors to reach a common goal. I feel that my internship with Bashpole has made me better prepared for my professional career, and I am greatly appreciative of the relationships I made here.” -John Callaghan, 2021, Florida Atlantic University

“As an intern, I really appreciated the help of the teammates, and I think teamwork played an important role in my internship. Also, since the case study was a new task for the whole team, I very much enjoyed aggregating the team’s ideas to show them in the case study. Then, during the monthly meeting with clients, it was very satisfying to hear the clients praising the case study as good work.” -Ella Wang, 2021, George Washington University

“I could see how every project and task I was able to work on at Bashpole actively added value to the company and its clients. This was a great opportunity to practice thinking creatively, taking initiative, and communicating effectively to peers, the supervisor, and clients. There was a good balance between being able to independently explore different tasks and also having frequent check-in meetings to ask questions and receive guidance. The internship allowed me to be challenged, refine my skills, and continue to grow.” -Diane Li, 2021, University of California, San Diego

“My internship at Bashpole has been a great adventure. I have learned so much from working with my talented peers as well as meeting with nonprofit executives to learn about their missions, their needs, and what we can do to help them make a difference in the world. I really appreciate the opportunity Ben provides our team to develop new ideas, convert them to actionable projects, and really utilize our work as deliverables for the clients. As an intern at Bashpole, I was able to improve my business acumen, my problem-solving skills, project management skills and communication skills, while developing a better understanding of the industry. If you are interested in working with nonprofits and develop essential skills in the business field, this is a great place to learn and grow as a professional, and more importantly, you will be given the opportunity to make a difference.” -Haojia (Ariel) Li, 2021, University of California, San Diego

“This internship is a fantastic first experience for undergraduates who are searching for a clearer picture of what they want to do with their lives. Before this opportunity, I knew I wanted to pursue business, but I didn’t know much more than that. Although I don’t think this line of work is exactly what I want to pursue out of college, it has allowed me a chance to sharpen the tools — communication, critical thinking, leadership, teamwork — that are necessary for any career path I may choose. I have seen immense personal growth thanks to this opportunity and the mentorship Ben has provided. In many companies, interns are just another cog in a colossal machine; at Bashpole, you are an integral part of the team and have the capability to bring about real change. I would urge anyone who wants to make a difference to seriously consider this opportunity.” -Joshua Basa, 2021, University of California, Davis

“I enjoyed my time at Bashpole, particularly all the bright people that I was surrounded by in my consulting team. This was a good opportunity to gain exposure to nonprofit executives in a variety of areas. This internship is flexible and allows interns to decide when in the week to complete their assignments to fit their schedule. I was able to greatly improve my communication and collaboration skills, while getting frequent feedback.” -Onik Russinov, 2021, U.C. Irvine

“The responsibilities as an intern are very straightforward, and the team meetings are clearly represented in the Google Calendar. The process of reaching out to interviewees, conducting the interview, and moving along the process tracking folder is clear and easy to follow. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other interns in Management Consulting. The internship also taught me personable skills like how to collaborate via call, network, pitch ideas, or even confront individuals. I also liked the fact that we were able to directly talk with the people involved in the work that we were doing. For example, my supervisor was always present during the team meetings, and most, if not all, interns were present to offer feedback.” -Julia Kim, 2021, Notre Dame. Went on to the Undergraduate Fellows Program at The IDEA Center at the University of Notre Dame.

“My time at Bashpole has been invaluable by creating newskills, building upon previous ones, creating an ever-growing network, andbeing able to bolster the resume of anyone who takes this position. Knowingyour work is going towards a worthy cause and having the opportunity to speakwith high-level individuals like CEO’s of nonprofits that gross over $100 million in revenue each year is rewarding in its own right.” -Alex Lovelace, 2021, Washington State University

“I was amazed by how efficiently our team worked together under the working from home model. Working at Bashpole is not a boring experience with trivial stuff. I was doing really meaningful work and learned from challenges with the team together. There are lots of spaces for one to lead and explore.” -Sherry Xu, 2020, U.C. San Diego

“Working as an intern at Bashpole is a wonderful experience for me. I would like to express my purest gratitude to Ben for all the guidance and support during the internship. I have gained valuable experience in solving real business problems with skills improvement, especially for data analysis. The work culture is very appealing to me. Everyone can work on the projects based on their interests and have the opportunity to lead the project. And our opinions are welcome and count at work. It’s also amazing to work with a group of talented people and network with other students from different backgrounds. It’s a great opportunity to improve speaking, leadership, and collaboration skills.” -Shuting Yan, 2020, Georgetown University

“My internship at Bashpole was an extremely positive experience and I am so thankful to Ben for giving me the opportunity to work with him and his exceptional team this past summer. As a market research intern, I spoke with nonprofit executives about the various challenges they were facing due to the pandemic and possible solutions that they could implement to mitigate these. I met a lot of great people who are doing such meaningful work around the world through my role at Bashpole. I learned a lot from these men and women and hope to maintain the relationships I have made with them and their organizations going forward. This summer, I gained a deeper understanding of nonprofits’ roles in society and feel I was able to make a real impact not only on nonprofits, but the people they serve, as well. I was proud to be a Bashpole intern knowing that I was a part of a team of passionate and driven individuals that were dedicated to helping populations that were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.” -Anna Gregory, 2020, Notre Dame. Went on to work at General Mills.

“This internship opportunity was a great experience for me. I really enjoyed working with the other interns, and the culture of this internship is welcoming and encourages positive communication. Having a structure in place to network with my colleagues was great and helpful in assisting the connections that I made. Fellow colleagues were great to work alongside and work through the steps involved in this internship, and were a great resource to reach out to with any questions. I enjoyed the projects I worked on and the teams I was a part of. I also appreciated starting the internship with another intern, and was able to specifically work through the onboarding process with someone else. I really enjoyed speaking with nonprofit leaders through this internship, and I think it has improved my communication skills.” -Gillian Fouse, 2020, Indiana University. Went on to be a Bloomington-Project Manager at TechPoint.

“Over my summer internship at Bashpole, I collaborated with interns and full-time staff on a wide range of projects, from troubleshooting software issues on Agile CRM to calculating the ROI of our Ad Grants Management. Individually, I researched the tax returns of potential customers to ascertain which organizations to target down the line. This gave me the flexibility to explore individual projects with the support of experienced professionals. Additionally, the variety of the training keeps everybody on their feet and forces you to continuously learn new skills. Plus, you can work in your PJs! But, the biggest plus of the whole experience is the relationships you gain with other students and employees who are all working together to make the world a better place.” -Joe Funari, 2019, Notre Dame. Went on to be an Internet Marketing Analyst at The Tire Rack.

“My experiences at Bashpole were indispensable in teaching me how to solve real problems that real businesses face. I received the opportunity to expand my tech skill set while also receiving input on managing my time, prioritizing tasks, and coordinating my work with others. I would certainly recommend this position to anyone who wants to work remotely while still enjoying a sense of camaraderie with co-workers. If you are interested in marketing or the tech world, this is a great place to grow as a professional.” -Christopher Carbonaro, 2019, Notre Dame. Went on to be a Junior Data Analyst at Alliance International CHB.


“Since even before the beginning of my time at Bashpole, the company page on our website explicitly states this will not be an internship for those who are expecting a coffee-fetching internship. Bashpole has followed through their promise of a meaningful and fully-immersive experience in which interns learn a lot about the company, expectations of their role, and themselves as an employee in the workforce. In following through on their promise, supervisors value honesty and speaking up when there is a need to further delve into a topic, instruction, etc. I have found that the supervisors and interns alike see every employee as a human capable of great contributions. One of the ultimate pleasures I have had working here is working with employees who have a willingness to drop what they are doing and help others who request their assistance.” -Kendra Wu, 2021, University of Puget Sound

“I came into Bashpole Software looking for an opportunity to apply my skills in a professional environment. I was able to accomplish just this and even more. I was welcomed into a company full of kind and caring interns and supervisors. I felt like a valuable member of the team and was able to expand my design skills while networking with interns from all around the world. I appreciated how there was a form of direct communication with my supervisor. I was able to readily receive helpful suggestions on my work and advice for my future career. I definitely learned a lot as an intern and know that in the future, I will apply the skills I learned through my projects at Bashpole.” – Vaishnavi Dontineni, 2021, University of Washington

“My experience this summer was a growing one. I worked on meaningful projects and topics that interest me. I was nervous, being that this was my first full-time summer internship, but Ben and the whole team made great efforts to make me feel welcome and heard. In a virtual space, the company culture is motivating and friendly. The team meetings were a safe place to share and ask questions. I gained the knowledge and skills that I wouldn’t have developed in class. I will definitely take all these lessons for my future opportunities.” -Maggie Hoang, 2020, University of Washington. Went on to be a Researcher at DogPaws Project.

“My 13-week internship at Bashpole has been a great learning experience for me. I want to first express my thanks to Ben and my teammates for making this internship great. The best part of my summer is that I was able to work on several projects with the choice of my interests. I was grateful for the opportunity to explore designing mock-ups, creating landing pages, and advertising with Google Ads. Seeing the pages and the ads I created being online is very rewarding. If you want to work on real-life projects that make lasting impacts, Bashpole is the right place. Plus, the culture here is collaborative – everyone is encouraged to speak up during a meeting and network with other interns from all teams. I enjoyed connecting with other interns and learning more about their cool projects. Finally, I always feel our work is appreciated as Ben gave accomplishments frequently, letting us know that our work is beneficial, both for nonprofits and for Bashpole.” -Phoebe Cao, 2020, U.C. San Diego


My experience with Bashpole was such an enjoyable and useful one. I believe that it is extremely valuable to a student, and I really enjoyed the company’s culture of continuous improvement that embraces change. The environment was so friendly with a youthful entrepreneurial spirit. It helped reinforce my knowledge of responsibility, focus, drive, and ambition. I was responsible for interviewing interns, orienting them through on-boarding meetings, and helping to build HRM systems and procedures. I learned to put every theoretical knowledge I have into practice. This experience honed my skills and provided real hands-on experience which is valuable to my future career success. It was an invaluable tool to help me figure out what I want to do. Thank you Bashpole!” -Lydia Garas, 2021, East Carolina University

This being my first internship experience, Bashpole software exceeded my expectations in working in a real world environment. With all the provided resources and the company culture, Bashpole made a large impact on my skills and abilities as well as my personal character growth. Compared to other internship experiences I’ve heard, the interns there were assigned “busy” work with little to no guidance from mentors. Here, interns get extensive training with direct mentorship and everything we do are major contributions to the company. Personally, I was able to strengthen and acquire a plethora of transferable skills that will undoubtedly be beneficial to the rest of my professional life. Overall, I am thankful to have been a part of Bashpole and look forward to my future opportunities with this company still in mind.” -Jessica Jiang, 2021, New York University

“I learned so many things during my experience as a Human Resources intern at Bashpole Software. One of the biggest takeaways for me was the fact that my work here translated to my work in real life. Ben never underestimated me and took into consideration everything I suggested, so I felt like I truly made an impact. I was able to grow confident in myself, my work ethic, and my abilities, which in turn allowed for me to take on challenging tasks in the outside world. Not only has this internship contributed greatly to my professional life, but it’s also a perfect opportunity for those that are looking to succeed and improve as a person, as it teaches you how to be an independent — yet collaborative — individual” – Ai Okamoto, 2021, Binghamton University

“The experience at Bashpole Software both as a Market Research and then a Human Resources Intern has been nothing short of astounding. If you’re someone who wants to tackle real-world challenging problems and be able to translate what you learned in your classroom experiences to solve these kinds of problems, working at Bashpole Software is a great opportunity. As a result of how hands-on the work is here, and the crucial need for creative and analytical thinking that is required, I was able to pick up and develop various skills that have given me a leg up in other areas of my professional career. I would highly recommend working here to anyone who is looking for professional growth and the opportunity to solve problems that make a difference, especially as they relate to the non-profit sector and various noble causes. As I depart, I can fondly look back at my time here and link back a lot of my success both in school and the workplace to what I was able to learn from here.” -Labiba Imdad, 2021, Purdue University


“To say that my time in Bashpole was amazing would be an understatement. The support system within the company is well-established and very accommodating. If you’re looking for an internship that actually makes you feel like you make a contribution, this is the one for you. In addition to analyzing data and writing ads, marketing interns also spearhead client meetings and handle a diverse portfolio of nonprofit ad accounts. Marketing interns have agency within the company structure; they make real connections with non-profit executives and work to educate their clients on Google Advertising. Bashpole’s staff are flexible in their approach to business and strongly emphasize growth mindsets, making consistent efforts to improve operations within the company. Overall, this is a perfect opportunity for people who want to expand their professional skill set!” -Masaki Aoki, 2021, New York University

“My experience this summer has been so enjoyable. I have seen a lot of growth in myself professionally and personally this summer thanks to Bashpole and this internship. The Marketing team was a great group to work with, making me feel very welcomed as a new intern and very appreciated near the end of my time with them. The management style is one that is empowering. Supervisors encourage learning and open communication over micro management and criticism. Overall, Bashpole is a great place to work.” -Catherine Plessala, 2021, Louisiana State University

“My experience this summer at Bashpole was amazing! As a Marketing Season 1A intern, I was able to learn a lot of valuable skills I can apply to in my career. With hands-on training and getting feedback from Ben, I was able to use that to further enhance my skills. Further, I was able to focus on creating ads for nonprofits and work with a team to discuss any questions and help each other on creating ads. I worked on tasks that allowed me to enhance my knowledge and expertise in creating ads. With this internship, I will be able to take the knowledge that I have gained to keep on using for my future career. At Bashpole, it was nothing but a great environment to work with and great mentors like Ben who is there to give valuable feedback to help you succeed.” -Rawan Alhindi, 2021, Florida Atlantic University

“My time at Bashpole was full of new experiences and was extremely valuable for my professional development. During my internship, I was able to speak directly to nonprofit organization leaders to show them the success of my advertisement campaigns; this not only boosted my confidence as a marketing intern, but motivated me to work harder to increase the campaign outreach. Though intimidating at first, I also learned how to efficiently network with my marketing teammates and with nonprofit leaders. The inclusive and collaborative culture made me feel free to ask any questions and encouraged teamwork across the different accounts. Additionally, the exposure to Google platforms such as Google Ads, Analytics, and Tag Manager taught me about data analytics while showing me the other side of consumerism. I truly am grateful that I was given this opportunity to grow my critical thinking skills while promoting the positive causes that the nonprofits represent.” -Rhea Mudnal, 2021, University of Texas at Austin

“As a Marketing 1.A. intern, I think all aspects of the job went well. I learned to maintain ad campaigns, budgeting and spending, and learned how to utilize Google tools – all without accidentally disrupting the flow of success. Interacting with the clients directly went well; I didn’t have a negative experience and enjoyed building a rapport (especially with Trish from Black Pine!). Overall, this was one of the most hands-on internships I’ve had that encouraged practical skill-building, ranging from verbal communication to software proficiency. The only aspect that needs to be improved on, and is currently improving day by day, is the training. The learning curve as a new marketing intern was rigorous as it was overwhelming, and I personally needed guidance beyond the training spreadsheet. I found that the more the training guide is specified, the more extravagant it is (to the detriment of understanding and accessibility). However, I still stand that it is improving with each intern group and gradually becomes more accessible. Overall, I was given the freedom to educate myself with little pressure on time management, so I could learn it my way, making it a much more efficient process. I found that patience and confidence from Ben encouraged me to overcome the barrier of the learning curve. This actually helped me appreciate the “figure it out” approach so that I can become a capable and independent team member in any future endeavor.” -Sam Cane, 2021, University of California, San Diego

“My experience at Bashpole Software was a tremendously worthwhile and beneficial experience for me. During my time I was able to manage over fifty-thousand dollars worth of advertising budget for non-profit companies directly and much more indirectly. I was also able to work with a team of talented individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds to give me feedback on my work and help me whenever I felt stuck on a project. During my internship, I had countless opportunities to meet with actual clients and showcase the results of the work I had been doing for them throughout the past month. This was by far the most rewarding part of the job as it gave me the feeling that my work was worthwhile and mattered to each of them. These client meetings also greatly increased my speaking and presentation skills which prior to the internship I felt like was the area I needed to improve in the most. During my time at Bashpole Software I also greatly increased my skillset in the areas of data analytics and conversion tracking which is vital in the current business world and eCommerce industry. I am truly thankful that I took this opportunity and believe that it has helped shape me into a much better job candidate, speaker, and critical thinker.” -Ryan Ter Molen, 2021, Butler University

“Prior to starting my internship, I found myself apprehensive and anxious about doing well. I was swiftly welcomed with support from my peers and Ben. The virtual work environment that Bashpole Software has created makes you feel as if you are all together and is a supportive space to share ideas. Despite making mistakes and learning along the way, I was always met with constructive comments from Ben which truly allowed me to learn a lot from this experience. I am very thankful that I was able to work alongside Ben, the other interns, and the non-profit organizations.” -Sophie Hieronymi, 2021, Binghamton University

“I had the incredible opportunity to intern with Bashpole during the Covid-19 Pandemic. During this time, the entire nation was only focusing on the public health crisis. As an Ad Writing Intern, I was able to help desperate nonprofits still reach supporters and draw attention to social issues still going on even in the midst of a pandemic. In my position, I was able to connect with great individuals to work together across different teams to improve company systems so that Bashpole can continue to efficiently support great causes. The virtual experience still allowed me to join a company culture of other hardworking interns who shared a passion for technology and service. I concluded my summer with a sense of pride that I was able to successfully learn new tasks, challenge myself on different projects, and support incredible nonprofit causes. Bashpole truly pushes its interns to change the world right from their computers.” -Max Chuma, 2020, Notre Dame

“My experience this summer at Bashpole has been exceptional. The amount of real world, practical information that I have learned this summer is extremely vast. I am truly grateful for all aspects of my experience at Bashpole this extends to my boss, my coworkers, clients, and the work that I was so excited to tackle for my clients. A few things I really enjoyed from the internship were the work, the meetings, and the advice given. To begin, I felt truly important with the work that I was given. It wasn’t anything like what I had heard about internship work growing up. I was able to work on projects that were crucial to not only Bashpole, but the nonprofits as well. Next, the meetings were very refreshing given the nature of remote work. It is odd to not be able to walk into the room next to you and ask a coworker or superior a question but the frequency of meetings keeps it from feeling isolated. I truly enjoyed getting to talk to my coworkers each morning, even if only for a matter of ten or so minutes. Lastly, the advice given, specifically from the RoT meetings, is extremely beneficial. It is not common for tips like the ones included in RoT meetings to be given out and written down. Normally, these are just unspoken rules that young professionals are left to discover on their own through trial and error. I found these meetings very helpful and will definitely be using the tips in the future.” -Trey Abernathy, 2020, Indiana University, Bloomington


“The Bashpole experience was one of the most exciting moments I have ever had. As a member of the Software 2.A team, I gained a lot through this process. There are two things I enjoyed most: the project and the group meetings. I contributed to a project to help potential customers get the data they need and generate ads efficiently. Through this process, I had time to dive deep into Java coding, web development (Tomcat, Spring Boot, Lombok, and so on), and some NLP skills. I’m so glad that I could use my technical skills to contribute to this amazing company! Moreover, group meetings were really helpful to hone my team communication skills. A big shout out to Ben, Iggy, Bhargavi, and my teammates: all of them not only left great feedback and recommendations of my project but also patiently helped me when I got stuck. Before I left, I also wrote documentation to assist future interns understand the logic and start their work more easily. So, to whom it may concern, if you are passionate, want to learn new skills, and enjoy connecting with people, then don’t hesitate to apply! You won’t regret contributing to Bashpole, an attractive place that works hard for nonprofits. Keep in touch, Bashpole. I wish you all the best!” -Qian (Felicity) Zhao, 2021, University of Southern California

“My internship at Bashpole was an amazing learning experience and very rewarding. As my first industry-level internship, I feel that the work given to me was challenging yet manageable. I was able to learn many new skills in Java, HTML, and CSS as well as working with new software like AWS EC2. Benjamin Ashpole was a great manager and mentor and always had time to help his interns with any issues they may have with their projects. Having a mentor who really cares about his interns was an especially welcoming quality of my internship. Looking back, I can truthfully say that this internship has prepared me well for any future software engineering jobs I may get.” -Lisa Sun, 2021, University of California, Davis

“Bashpole provided me with an invaluable SWE experience that can’t be found in college classes. From helping acquaint me with the work environment, to learning more about Virtual Environments, AWS, SQL, JSP, HTML and CSS for my full-stack LandingPage generation project, I was able to gain considerably from this internship. I was able to work with diverse and smart teams of interns that were great to get along with. I also had several mentors (Ben and Iggy) that gave me a ton of flexibility on projects, while also being super resourceful for any questions/problems I ran into during my internship. Overall, this is an internship I highly recommend to people going into SWE, as it gives incredible exposure to what the work environment truly looks like. Bashpole’s CEO Ben is fantastic person, worker, and mentor. I am incredibly grateful to both him and the rest of Bashpole for giving me this internship opportunity!” -Owen Daley, 2021, University of Washington

“I had a wonderful experience with Bashpole during the summer of 2021. Even though I had minimal experience in the real world, with Bashpole Software being my first SWE internship, I was able to get acquainted with the work environment seamlessly. In addition, all the interns working on the project were very helpful and were very willing to get me up to speed on the project, regardless of how much time it took them. This positive attitude greatly affected me as I made sure I behaved the same way, and I tried my best to ensure that interns who came in after me also had a great introductory period. I also learned a lot on the technical side as I worked as a full stack developer and used JSP, SQL, HTML, and CSS, to produce frontend and object-oriented backend for a landing page. I also had a great experience working with Iggy, who immensely helped me work through my individual project and was happy to meet with me multiple times if I needed any help troubleshooting my code. All in all, this internship helped me grow both as a person and as a software engineer. I am very grateful to Ben and his team for providing me with such a memorable experience!” – Aravind Vengarai, 2021, Georgia Tech

During my 6-months internship, I learned a lot of things not only related to software development (i.e. Database connection, Tomcat server, common web development programming languages…), but also some useful tips and habitats for how to become a professional person in my future career. From weekly meetings with Ben and other team members, everyone reports their updates and any concerns for the current stage of the project. If someone has specific issues with debugging or future tasks, they can always schedule another meeting with Iggy or other teammates. The scheduling method is also straightforward through Google Calendar. From my perspective, everyone is motivating and always be willing to help each other in the team, which is a really grateful environment for collaborations. Besides the team meeting, we also have all-hands meetings with other departments twice a week. During that meeting, we will get the training and discussion for common tips during the work, like email write-up formats, interview tips, coding tips, meeting preparation and so on. Finally, I appreciate Ben for providing me this position and all the experiences which I can not gain from college classes.” -Shiyue Rong, 2021, University of California, Irvine

“My internship at Bashpole exposed me to a lot of new concepts and areas of the software engineering world that are not typically taught in university, and I faced many challenges that helped me grow as a professional and as an engineer. I learned so many valuable lessons and skills during my 9 months at Bashpole. I worked with Google services, MongoDB, databases, front-end development, back-end development, writing code, editing code, peer-editing code, and so much more. Additionally, despite the work being remote, I expanded my professional network along the way by meeting other employees and interns in all different departments and from all over the world. Everyone, especially Benjamin, is eager to help and to answer any questions you have. It is a great environment and company to improve and expand your skills, where you feel supported and encouraged to do so. It was truly a great experience!” -Lauren Gatesman, 2021, New York University. Went on to be a Software Engineer Intern at Northrop Grumman.

“My 4 month experience at Bashpole was consistently positive. Throughout the internship, I had multiple opportunities to pick up new skills and learn how development in the software industry works. I liked the structure of the internship, which allowed me to be in regular communication with both Ben and the other interns. I also enjoyed being able to work with interns from departments other than software engineering, as it provided insight into every aspect of the industry. In an internship, one prioritizes the learning experience, and Bashpole certainly delivered.” -Kanav Bhatnagar, 2021, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“Throughout my internship, I gained a lot of practical experience and learned so much about the professional field of Software Engineering. Interns are given many opportunities to network among each other and meet other interns. You get the opportunity to meet with the CEO, Ben, 1-2 times a week to discuss the progress of your projects. Bashpole also has an interview process like no other; you will be given the opportunity to not just elaborate on your resume, but to truly show who you are and what your interests, and, if accepted, your projects will be tailored around what you are passionate about, creating an environment of hard-working, passionate individuals!” -Joey Cain, 2020, New York University. Went on to be a Credit Risk Representative at Santander Bank.

“I gained a lot of the experiences that I sought and improved my skills in different fields such as Java coding, NLP techniques, and web crawling. It was the first time for me to work in a company where people who are good in different fields can cooperate together in order to fulfill the same ultimate goal. The networking meetings enabled me to learn about things outside of my familiar fields and get a more broad view of what our company is working on. What’s more, it was also the first time for me to start with a project from the designing step. For the coursework and projects in schools, we have tutorials for projects and we can just follow that step by step. Differently, when I was assigned a task here, I only knew what the input was like and what types of output we were seeking. Thus I started with all the designations of the algorithm, such as what techniques to use, how to construct the algorithm, and how to improve the performance. During the process, I did research by myself, I got feedback from my supervisors, and I regarded this as a precious and meaningful experience.” -Yue Kuang, 2020, University of Michigan

“Firstly, I want to express my thanks to Ben and all my teammates. Thanks for your help, and I learned a lot from all of you. I worked as a full-stack internship in the Promoter Motor team at Bashpole this summer. I have to say that this internship was a valuable experience for me. It was a great chance to combine what I have learned from school or books with a real-world project. Ben is a helpful manager and willing to talk and teach us from the very beginning, so that all the interns could know about the daily routine and start their work in a very short time. Also, Bachpole is a place that encourages networking with your peers; I made many friends here, and I believe we will be continually in contact in the future.” -Ruizi Zhang, 2020, University of Pennsylvania

“I want to express my thanks for giving me the opportunity to intern at Bashpole this summer. I gained very valuable experience that I will use in the future. The two things I enjoyed most about the internship were the group work and the project itself. The ability to work in groups allowed me to gain additional mentorship and valuable coding experience from some more experienced programmers. I also enjoyed the project itself, with the valuable experience it gave me with being able to cut down the time it takes for Bashpole to reach out to potential partners. Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Bashpole this summer and wish you the best of luck in the future. Thank you again for giving me the experience this summer. We will be in touch again in the future.” – Joshua Wrobel, 2020, University of Michigan. Went on to be a Supply Chain Engineer for Wareologie.

“During the 14-week internship, I am grateful to have had the opportunity Bashpole provided me to learn from a real business project and help non-profit clients regarding their need for advertisement promotion. I experienced a full stack project and learned development of frontend and backend frameworks, and knowledge of practical architecture of web development. With great advisory at Bashpole, not only did I enhance my technical skills, but also the capability of process management and formal documentation, which is beneficial for my future career goals. Plus, I am really thankful to my great team, especially my helpful teammate and networking opportunities with other interns throughout the summer. The Rule of Thumbs at Bashpole is also another shining point for experience exchange and teamwork.” -Victor Chen, 2020, Georgia Tech. Went on to a Masters in Computational Science & Engineering.

“My three-month internship at Bashpole is a very valuable experience. As a member of the machine learning team, at first, I was nervous at whether I could handle all the tasks since I am a mathematics major, so Ben gave me enough time to do research into the field our team were working on and I gained confidence gradually. I combined my math knowledge into the application of algorithm and developed a model. With the help of my teammates, we did much data mining work and tested the model with this data. Throughout the internship, not only did I improved my understandings of machine learning algorithm, but I also found out the possibility to choose data analyst as a future career. From all the work I did, I had a deep insight into the application of math theories in solving real world problems, and I found this very attractive. I was very glad that I have the chance to work here.” -Yuehe Wen, 2020, U.C. Davis. Went on to a Consulting Internship for PwC, then to U.C. Berkeley Master of Science in Operations Research.

“This internship experience generally went very well for me. The best part of this experience was that I was exposed to many challenges and pushed to learn many new things, like web scraping, dealing with databases, and information extraction. The learning experience is very different from the learning experience in school. Since I was not systematically learning the knowledge but more problem-solving-aimed learning, I was very confused at first. Sometimes I had to look up for information in different websites and try out the solutions myself for hours to solve the problem. It was somewhat frustrating at first, but I got gradually used to it and found a pattern and rhythm of solving the problem more quickly. It is also from these experiences that I learned more about the fundamentals of problems – like the security issues of the database and the calculation of TF-IDF. Additionally, I think the company provides a good vibe of connecting and communicating with other people. I have talked with many other interns and learned a lot from their experience of learning and finding a job. Especially worth noting is that I made two really good friends – Xudan and Yuge during this internship. They are both really nice and willing to teach me many things. I am sure I will continue to be in touch with them and communicate with them in the future. My supervisor, Benjamin, is also very approachable and patient in answering my questions. There were a few times that I was stuck in the project, and he helped me get started in solving the problem by giving useful suggestions.” -Zhenxu (Egret) Liu, 2020, New York University. Went on to be a Researcher at the Motivation Lab at NYU.

“The software engineering internship at Bashpole Software is one of the most enjoyable activities I have participated in this summer. Although I had no previous experience in a real life software engineering setting, by harnessing the tools I was provided before the internship started and the people to help me anytime I need it, getting into the groove of things wasn’t really bad. I would suggest not only working from home, but go out and work from a coffee shop or any place that will be a change of setting. A change of setting always helps refresh the mind. There would be days that you would not want to get out of bed early. But when you do, I will love every moment of solving real life problems that would make an impact on the company’s future directly. Another thing I liked about this experience was the projects. The project selection consisted of fun but important projects, and solving these problems was very enjoyable. I would recommend this internship to anyone who is looking for a summer internship that will help develop them as an engineer.” -Samuel Iwu, 2019, Butler University. Went on to be an Information Technology Intern at Bone Dry.

“I was motivated to apply to Bashpole Software the moment I heard of the work done here for social good. The biggest reward was knowing that some of my work contributed to combating online human trafficking. During my time as an intern, I was able to work on a variety of projects, leveraging machine learning, statistics, computer vision, and natural language processing. I appreciated that my meetings with Ben were always very collaborative and conversational, and that I had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of tasks and have a direct impact.” -Andrew Johnson, 2018, Universität des Saarlandes. Went on to work on Natural Language Understanding for Amazon.


“Being an intern with Bashpole Software turned out to be everything I needed and nothing I expected. I needed a professional environment to develop my skills as a technical writer. I never expected to learn so much about the challenges to US nonprofits and the vast potential of online advertising to support their great works. I also never expected to get a fundamentals course in artificial intelligence! Another benefit to my professional development had to do with the opportunity to mentor and coach younger professionals, which is a type of fulfillment we often overlook as we progress through our careers. That said, I was also glad to be able to spend most of my time focused on the writing process at a less stressful pace than I have been used to. This made more room for thoughtful reflection and better quality in my output. I was glad to be able to stand back from the R&D proposal writing process, analyze it, break it down, and organize it into phases, steps, and a methodology that will hopefully serve Bashpole as a training tool. That tool should in turn help future interns achieve the lasting impacts they seek in their careers. Working on projects for government R&D proposal writing & technical writing proved to be an interesting, challenging and rewarding experience that I am sure will serve me well in my career.” -Lyrae Johnson, 2021, Drexel University.

How Internship Seasons Work: for internships, an experience can be performed over the summer, fall/winter, or winter/spring. Your participation can follow the timeline (semesters/trimesters/quarters) your college follows. Generally, a full-time internship lasts for at least 3 months, and a part-time internship lasts for 6 months. Also, Bashpole Software understands that productivity does not always occur around the typical nine-to-five schedule. We encourage interns to divide the required worktime hours in ways that are best suited to your individual needs and psychology.