The Interview Project

Bashpole Software is participating in the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps (Innovation Corps) program. Created in 2011, the program’s goal is to connect the “laboratory” with the “marketplace.”

What We Do

Bashpole Software has interviewed over 350 nonprofit leaders about their strategies and challenges related to communications, development, volunteerism, and decision-making. The company wants to understand what nonprofit organizations are doing to strengthen their online presence, and whether or not such investments have been successful. Following the interview, Bashpole will release a summary report of its findings and submit recommendations to the National Science Foundation regarding current research and development needs that are relevant to the nonprofit community. In doing so, Bashpole hopes that itself, other companies, or university researchers will be given funding to develop solutions.

Why We Do This

The company believes that understanding the marketplace should come before jumping into the laboratory. Bashpole Software strives to have conversations with nonprofit leaders about their obstacles, fears, and successes in order to understand which areas of research and development the company should prioritize.  In learning more about the nonprofit sector, Bashpole will be better prepared and informed to develop technologies that are essential to helping non-profit organizations fulfill their missions. Innovation begins in conversation, not isolation.

Want to Participate?

If you are an executive director, board member, department head, or hold an equivalent position at a 501(c)(3) non-profit or NGO, then we’d like to speak with you! Contact Us today.

A Special Note

We are grateful to the nonprofit leaders who have participated in our interview project thus far, and as a thank-you we provide free information to participants about common strategies and trends if they are interested. Our goal is to be helpful to nonprofits in any way that we can and to expand the reach of people doing good.