Bashpole Intelligence Suite

Intelligence To Fight Human Trafficking

The Bashpole Intelligence Suite equips law enforcement, first responders, and the community with the tools to help victims of human trafficking and stop traffickers. Our Photo Tipline, AI Chatbots and Face Recognition Software will help fight human trafficking and find missing or endangered individuals in the event of a disaster. 

Combat Trafficking Online

The software enables investigators to piece together leads to victims of human trafficking and their traffickers. The BIS is a combination of a photo tipline, public tips, data, and facial recognition to find trafficked persons and suspects.

Save Hundreds Of Hours

  • Find trafficked persons from the Web in images, written descriptions, and linked databases.
  • Uses facial recognition, other biometrics (like scars, marks, & tattoos), and text matching.
  • Monitors for pages that have images of the Person to facilitate investigations.
  • Coordinates tips submitted directly by the public.

Search For A Person Across Different Photos & Videos

  • Photo, video, third-party tips, and data are combined intelligently to use as clues about wanted and trafficked persons.
  • Facial recognition technology searches for a person across different photos and videos.
  • Our technology monitors the web and databases for specific persons.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots power the tipline text messaging.

Bashpole Photo Tipline

See A Victim Of Human Trafficking? You Can Help.

  1. Snap a photo
  2. Text it to 909-ALERT-US, (909) 253-7887

Bashpole’s face recognition software automatically searches images in online escort ads for the photos provided of missing and endangered persons. This is crucial in rescuing victims, because it provides law enforcement with resources to search for missing or endangered people.

Features and Benefits

  • If you see someone who may be a victim of human trafficking.
  • If you see someone who may be a suspect or a perpetrator of human trafficking.
  • In case of natural disaster use the photo tipline to send images of missing people to compare the images to a database for identification.
  • In case of terrorism use the phototip line to send images of missing people or suspects to a database to be identified.
  • Access to data available on the web or web connected device, increasing search capabilities
  • Greater investigative throughput in a shorter period of time, resulting in more effective use of current resources
  • Response time increases due to quicker data processing and analysis results

Bashpole Web Portal


Appropriate agencies, law enforcement, and nonprofits are able to securely and automatically search for individuals through use of facial recognition which compares their image to a database of stored images.

  • Searches for the missing, wanted, or person of interest using photos and information submitted by the user.
  • In as little as 15 minutes, the image of the missing individual can be ran against the historical data.
  • Equivalent time to do the same by hand is at least 166 hours nonstop.

You have the power to help a victim of human trafficking. Save this number in your contacts now. Contact us to request a presentation or demo about this technology.