Company Culture

So, what’s the culture like? Most of us need to work to eat but working with the right team, doing the right thing, can make life so much more enjoyable. This is your chance. Make a difference in the world and in our company.


All employees and contractors work remotely by collaborating through calls, emails, Skype, and Some team members gather periodically to work together. Team members frequently work from home offices, coffee shops, the outdoors, on the beach, in basements, etc. While we do have ‘office hours’, our team understands productivity doesn’t always happen on a 9-5 schedule, so flextime options are in place.


General Well-being
Team members are offered an encouraging and self-directed work environment. The collaborative team environment often involves many team members contributing to, and benefiting from the work of others. Our work is meaningful and provides the ability to go to sleep each night knowing you make the world a better place.


Interested in joining our team?

Open positions are posted on the careers page.


Testimonials from Past Interns

“The software engineering internship at Bashpole Software is one of the most enjoyable activities I have participated in this summer. Although I had no previous experience in a real life software engineering setting, by harnessing the tools I was provided before the internship started and the people to help me anytime I need it, getting into the groove of things wasn’t really bad. I would suggest not only working from home, but go out and work from a coffee shop or any place that will be a change of setting. A change of setting always helps refresh the mind. There would be days that you would not want to get out of bed early. But when you do, I will love every moment of solving real life problems that would make an impact on the company’s future directly. Another thing I liked about this experience was the projects. The project selection consisted of fun but important projects, and solving these problems was very enjoyable. I would recommend this internship to anyone who is looking for a summer internship that will help develop them as an engineer.” -Samuel Iwu, 2019


“Over my summer internship at Bashpole, I collaborated with interns and full-time staff on a wide range of projects, from troubleshooting software issues on Agile CRM to calculating the ROI of our Ad Grants Management. Individually, I researched the tax returns of potential customers to ascertain which organizations to target down the line. This gave me the flexibility to explore individual projects with the support of experienced professionals. Additionally, the variety of the training keeps everybody on their feet and forces you to continuously learn new skills. Plus, you can work in your PJs! But, the biggest plus of the whole experience is the relationships you gain with other students and employees who are all working together to make the world a better place.” -Joe Funari, 2019


“My experiences at Bashpole were indispensable in teaching me how to solve real problems that real businesses face. I received the opportunity to expand my tech skill set while also receiving input on managing my time, prioritizing tasks, and coordinating my work with others. I would certainly recommend this position to anyone who wants to work remotely while still enjoying a sense of camaraderie with co-workers. If you are interested in marketing or the tech world, this is a great place to grow as a professional.” -Christopher Carbonaro, 2019


“I was motivated to apply to Bashpole Software the moment I heard of the work done here for social good. The biggest reward was knowing that some of my work contributed to combating online human trafficking. During my time as an intern, I was able to work on a variety of projects, leveraging machine learning, statistics, computer vision, and natural language processing. I appreciated that my meetings with Ben were always very collaborative and conversational, and that I had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of tasks and have a direct impact.” -Andrew Johnson, 2018