Company culture

So, what’s the culture like? Most of us need to work to eat but working with the right team, doing the right thing, can make life so much more enjoyable. This is your chance. Make a difference in the world and in our company.


All employees work remotely by collaborating through calls, emails, Skype, and Some team members gather periodically to work together. Team members frequently work from home offices, coffee shops, the outdoors, on the beach, in basements, etc. While we do have ‘office hours’, our team understands productivity doesn’t always happen on a 9-5 schedule, so flextime options are in place.

Vacations & Holidays
Part-time and full-time employees are allotted paid vacation time starting the first month. Vacation is accrued with one full or half-day per month depending on the number of hours they work. The company pays up to four hours off for voting. Full-time employees enjoy paid holidays starting the first month.

Gym Memberships & Health Insurance
Bashpole Software, Inc. promotes a healthy lifestyle. The company contributes up to $50 per month per employee. The company also offers health insurance to all employees.

Planning for your retirement? The company offers an optional 401(k) plan to all employees.

Employees share in a bonus pool based on company revenue growth.

General Well-being
Team members are offered an encouraging and self-directed work environment. The collaborative team environment often involves many team members contributing to, and benefiting from the work of others. Our work is meaningful and provides the ability to go to sleep each night knowing you make the world a better place.

Interested in joining our team? Open positions are posted on the careers page.