Market Research Internship | Nonprofit Causes

Full-time Remote / Work from Home Position

Consultants need not apply
Applicants within commute distance of Washington, D.C. preferred but not required

Bashpole Software, Inc. has been in business since 2006. Our services include database integration, communication technologies, nonprofit marketing, and sponsorship opportunities for businesses.

Bashpole has been funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Initiative (DARPA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). For more information please visit and

The intern will conduct primary market research by contacting and interviewing nonprofit directors and executives at organizations that work with nonprofits. The intern should possess strong written and oral communication skills. Be organized, prompt, and reliable in scheduling and follow-up. Have a strong interest in the nonprofit world, a desire to support causes, and do good in the world.



The intern will be trained how to reach and interact with important executives, how to collect unbiased information, how to manage large numbers of parallel efforts efficiently using technology, how to think about best practices in nonprofit communications, how to identify market opportunities, and how to grow one’s network of professional contacts. There may also be opportunities to earn commissions from follow-up sales.


To Apply

Email with your resume, and let us know what causes speak to you.