For Non-Profits

What is holding your organization back?

For many nonprofits, resources are scarce and those in leadership positions are stretched thin. Furthermore, non-profit teams generally have little training and knowledge of online advertising as a means for cost-effectively driving publicity. To alleviate the scale of this issue, a division of Bashpole Software, Promoter Motor, helps nonprofits secure and maintain Google Ad Grants sponsorships.

About Google Ad Grants

The Google Ad Grants program is a solution that provides authorized non-profit organizations a fixed value of free advertising tools. However, obtaining the program’s approval can be a lengthy and complicated process. Promoter Motor is equipped to serve as the middle man between non-profit entities and the Google Ad Grants program by assisting organizations in navigating the application process and growing the number of program participants. Promoter Motor will provide extensive assistance in creating a cohesive Google Ad Grants application and supply monthly analytics reports in regards to advertising progress.

Consulting Competence

To supplement these services provided by Promoter Motor, Bashpole Software offers consulting capabilities for non-profit organizations, which boosts the value of Google Ad Grant sponsorship. Bashpole is the only company that combines its efforts to support advertising goals and counter brand misunderstandings, resulting in a rare and valuable expertise set. Non-profit organizations rely heavily on the success of their narratives to accumulate funds and attract volunteers. If that narrative is misunderstood by the public, the organization’s mission will suffer and efforts to increase awareness will be counterproductive. To address this problem, Bashpole offers a consulting curriculum, meant to extensively educate clients about advertising in addition to offering individualized strategies for boosting visitor interest and retention. While Promoter Motor attracts individuals to non-profit websites, Bashpole Consulting assists in maintaining online traffic engagement and financial contributions.

Bashpole Intelligence Suite

As an institution that values cutting-edge innovation as a means to make the world a safer and more just place, Bashpole Software has developed technology to help prevent human-trafficking crimes. This software, known as the Bashpole Intelligence Suite, is a combination of a web portal and photo tipline that can identify missing or wanted individuals, rapidly compare current information against historical data, and collect tips via texts or photos all on one integrated database. Results from a pilot study show that the Bashpole Intelligence Suite inspired 42 state and local investigations and 7 FBI investigations.

Our Services

Full-service software that supports nonprofits in obtaining Google Ad Grants partnership by completing the grant application, keyword research, account management and maintenance, and more.

Bashpole Consulting Services
One-on-one educational program to help nonprofits develop a stronger online presence and continued visitor engagement by training in-house staff to establish, manage, and analyze other forms of advertisement and outreach.

Bashpole Intelligence Suite
Multi-service software developed to aid non-profit organizations and government agencies in combating human-trafficking through a facial identification system and data collection network.